Are you planning to go away or are just busy, but you are not sure who to trust with your pup? K9 Expeditions has been doing In-Home Boarding since its inception. We have very strict rules and guidelines that we follow which is why we have been trusted for nearly 10 years with dogs that have been rejected by every other boarding facility. Our major priorities are safety and structure.

Safety Measures:

  • New boarding dogs are introduced to current dogs in a place command with no physical contact until they are both comfortable.

  • Dogs will be walked in a Heel command

  • Dogs are either 100% supervised or will be in a crate. Crate-free boarding is extremely dangerous. Never put a dog in a new environment and let them free roam. The stress of a new environment can cause dogs to bite, have indigestion and also swallow toys or bones.

  • Multiple Cameras in home to make sure dogs all are safe even while crated.

Daily Activites:

  • Socialization and play with dogs of similar energy levels

  • A K9X Hiking outing on an incredible trail outside the city (Off-Leash Trained Dogs Only)

  • Multiple training sessions per day - Virtually all new boarding clients experience improved behaviour

  • Structured walks with games of fetch & tug of war

Important notes

  • If your dog is not crate trained, you will be charged a board and train fee instead of a boarding fee. Check our rates page. If your dog is a crate escape artist, there is a $100 refundable security deposit to cover damaged crates.

  • Payment is required up-front to reserve boarding dates.

We left Tayto for a week with Anesh and couldn’t be happier with the service. We wanted a boarding option that didn’t confine our pup and was more like being at home and K9 Expeditions was perfect for this! Anesh kept us updated and even had pictures printed for us when we got back. We would definitely recommend K9 Expeditions to anyone looking for a more exciting boarding option over conventional boarding.
— Claudia Perez

For rates, please visit our Rates page.