K9 Expeditions is dedicated to providing immediate results for all of the people out there who are tired of their dogs ruling their lives. Tired of your dog(s) pulling you around on leash, barking at everything and not listening?  Our canine behaviour experts, help turn unruly pups into happy, balanced and well-behaved family members. Their approach with both dogs and people are simple and easy to understand. To schedule a training session with our trainers please contact us. Our rates can be found on our Rates page.


puppy training & Socialization

Did you know that in order for a young puppy to grow into a well socialized and behaved adult dog, he needs exposure to 150 other dogs and humans while he is still a puppy?
A lot of people don't know this and they wonder why their dog jumps, barks, nips, or is nervous around dogs and people. K9X focuses on potty training, basic obedience and socialization while your puppy is young!


Problem Behaviours

Does your dog pull you while on leash, jump whenever he sees someone, or just plain doesn't listen? Do you have a constant barker? We focus on getting your dog to remain calm, and control their impulses no matter the situation. If you have never been able to enjoy having family and friends over because you’re embarrassed about your dog’s behaviour or just struggle walking your dog, we will be able to drastically change your dogs behaviour instantly.


Off-Leash Training

The K9X specialty. We spend all of our time training our packs to be off-leash experts! Have you ever gone out with your dog to a park, but the second a distraction appears, he just runs off? In this program we will teach advanced leash and off leash behaviours to ensure your dog is reliable in any situation.


A Training Camp For Your Dog

If your dog has several behavioural challenges that you would like to address and fix without doing much work yourself, you can send your dog to our home for a "Board and Train".  This program is good for people who don't have time for classes or are too far away for training. Do you have a young puppy that you want to raise the right way or a dog with any of the issues listed below?

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Aggression

  • Potty Training Problems

  • Fear of Humans and Dogs

  • Leash Walking Problems

  • Does Not Listen off-Leash

  • Territorial With Food and Toys

What we will teach your dog

During your dog's stay, he will learn to properly behave in every environment. He will learn proper manners with people and dogs, as well as proper leash and off-leash walking. We will use specific training equipment E-Collar/Prong Collar. Here are a few of the things your dog will learn:

  • Healthy Social Interaction with People and Dogs

  • Proper Behaviour and Manners with Food

  • Sit, Stay, Place

  • Proper Leash Walking Behaviour (Heel)

  • Potty Training

  • Advanced Off-Leash Obedience

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