What Makes us different?

Some dogs just need more exercise and stimulation than others. Without these critical outlets, these dogs can become destructive and riddled with behaviour issues. K9X specializes in dogs that need more than a quick trip to the dog park. Our clients enjoy the numerous positive benefits that come from entrusting K9X with their K9 kids. Here are just a few of the reasons our clients choose K9X:


Improved Behaviour

High energy dogs need direction and balance from their human leaders. K9X' does not do "free for all", unstructured outings. Without proper leadership, dogs can develop bad habits that will continue to snowball in the wrong direction. Our K9 clients benefit from work on recall, social manners, trail rules and more. Our work with our clients' dogs transcends the trail and results in a better behaved dog at home!


Appropriate Activity

Just like some working breeds of dogs that must have a job in order to be fulfilled, athletic dogs need more physical activity than dogs that are less athletically inclined. K9X not only provides appropriate activity for your K9 athlete, but also socialization with like-minded dogs and mental stimulation through training and navigation of natural terrain. The result is a nice and relaxed pooch when you arrive home from work.

Safe Travel

Did you know that an 80 pound unrestrained dog in a vehicle travelling at just 30mph will exert approximately 2400 pounds of force on whatever it strikes if the vehicle has a collision? (Source: USA Today) For this reason, we pick your dog up in the morning and travel to the trail head of the day using a safe travel protocol. Whenever possible, dogs travel in crates but when we can't use crates, we use other forms of restraint such as seat belts or gates.


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